MAY 14-16, 2024

About the WBPC

Now in its 31st year, the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference takes place annually in Saskatchewan and North Dakota on alternating years. This conference is one of the preeminent gatherings for North America's energy sector and is co-hosted by the North Dakota Petroleum Council, North Dakota Petroleum Foundation, Government of North Dakota, Government of Saskatchewan, and Petroleum Technology Research Centre.

The conference is named after the Williston Basin, which is a major oil producing region including area of Saskatchewan, North and South Dakota, Manitoba, and Montana. The conference attracts business, technical and government leaders who come together to share technical advancements and business opportunities specific to the region.

Proceeds from the WBPC in North Dakota benefit the advancement of the oil and gas industry in North Dakota, including through programs and initiatives implemented by the North Dakota Petroleum Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit. The WBPC helps fulfill one of the Foundation's core values of nurturing opportunities and cultivating a thriving environment in order to pave the way for individuals to realize their potential and for the oil and gas industry to flourish.


WBPC Organizing Partners


The organizing partners of the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in North Dakota include the North Dakota Petroleum Council, the North Dakota Petroleum Foundation and the Department of Mineral Resources. The organizing partners in Saskatchewan include the provincial government through the Geological Survey of Saskatchewan and the Ministry of Energy and Resources, and the independent not-for-profit Petroleum Technology Research Centre. All of these groups helped develop the conference into the premier event it is today.

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