MAY 14-16, 2024

About the Show

The Williston Basin Petroleum Conference is the largest conference and trade show in the nation focused on the Bakken, Three Forks and Williston Basin. We’re proud to bring together some of the leading experts on breakthrough technologies, energy markets, potential untapped formations, the regulatory environment, and more. 


Request a Press Pass

Journalists covering the conference must be registered as members of the press. Press passes are available to professional members of the media who are “working press” on assignment covering the event, presentations or oil and gas industry. To qualify for press credentials, you must be employed by or freelance for a business, financial, industry or general newsprint or online publication, or produce news segments for a broadcast network. Freelancers must provide the name and contact information of the editor who has given you the assignment for verification.

Employees of media outlets who do not work in a news or editorial capacity are not qualified for a media badge, including: art directors, authors, district managers, documentarians, graphic designers, managers, marketing representatives, public relations personnel, sales representatives and senior-level managerial staff.

Press passes offer fully accredited members of the media:

  • Full conference registration;
  • Admission into all WBPC presentations;
  • Admission to the WBPC exhibition;
  • Press room access;
  • Press conference access;
  • Interview opportunities with WBPC organizers and spokespeople.

To request a Media Pass, contact Reva Kautz at rkautz@ndoil.org or 701.223.6380.


Media Partners

The WBPC offers opportunities for Media Partnerships, which include advertising trades equal to or greater than $1,000 in value. In return for the advertising trade, Media Partners receive the following:

  • Two complimentary registrations (may be used for any staff)
  • Logo in the conference booklet and on electronic signage;
  • Logo on the Conference website; and,
  • Express sponsor check-in.

Contact Reva Kautz at rkautz@ndoil.org or 701.223.6380 if you are interested in becoming a Media Partner.


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